In Person Athletic Development Coaching

So you are looking to develop your athletic ability for football?

-Stronger body for contests

-More powerful take off and acceleration

-Developing agility and change of direction

-Jumping ability

-Injury prevention/robustness

-All-round athleticism

Plus you would like to achieve this by maximising the return (in improvement) on the time you spend training.

Then our athletic development coaching for footy is certainly for you.


So what are the details?

Gym sessions twice per week with a structured progression following all the key principles that we have discussed at length on this site.

Run at set times with a small group of participants - capped at a maximum of 6 players only.

Programs will vary between participants - even within that same time slot.

Far from just being '2 sessions per week', the service also includes individualised tracking and programming of the work done on site, as well as programming and tracking of any other work you would like to do externally - such as an extra lifting session in your own time or running based programming in your own time.

As we expand these outward a little, there will also be the (optional) inclusion of outdoor sessions in which we consistently target multi-directional speed (acceleration, deceleration and direction changes).


The current sessions run mornings at 7am, several mornings per week.


$60/week, or $35/week if you only intend doing 1 session per week.



Croydon Park

Is it appropriate for juniors?

Yes - but we also will have junior-specific sessions running in the afternoons, at a more junior-friendly time of the day. In saying that, there is no reason why a junior player can't train in the senior times - as they will have their own individual program they are following.


Are there times for women's sessions?

There is no gender segregation. All session times are mixed-gender and open to everyone - as once again, participants will all have their own programs.


What if I want 1-on-1 coaching sessions?

Great, get in contact. The reason for the small-group semi-private format - is that the programming and coaching is open to a larger number of players and at a lower price point.


Get in contact, and get on board

As mentioned players per session are limited to 6, to maximise the coaching per player.

Head to the contact page, and indicate your interest.

You will be sent forms similar to the online programming, collecting details on background, experience etc.

Then from there, if required, a 1-on-1 short screening and familiarisation session and collection of more information.