Personalised Programs

A personalised and tailored approach to programming

At the highest level of footy and sport in general, gone are the days when everyone does the same pre-season, and the same strength training. These days, everyone has their own program that they follow. Yes there is a lot of overlap, and all of the same principles apply, but individuality is key to getting the best possible results from a training program.

‘The programming of all aspects of conditioning should be individualised.'

‘This may mean separating players into various groups based on training age, position, injury, or other variables.’

Young players, in particular, may need to have a separate conditioning model, which may involve reduced volume or more emphasis on movement-pattern development early in the preseason program.’
Darren Burgess
Adelaide High Performance Manager

Now of course this is the highest level of footy that we are talking about here, and there is no way that club training conditioning sessions at local level will be in a position to individualise the running based conditioning at training to this extent. However, we are merely highlighting the fact that the best practice out there involves individualisation.

Have a quick look over the list below

- Your age
- Your experience level (not only in football, but in strength training – and not just strength training in general, but experience level with specific exercises, and specific sets and reps schemes)
- Your gender
- Your goals
- Your position and role within the team – or what you are aiming for it to be
- Injuries or physical limitations – not only current – but ANYTHING previously
- What stage of the year it is
- Time availability (realistically how many days and hours you could consistently dedicate)

These are all variables which will impact on the ideal program for you, and variables which will make your ideal program different from someone elses.

In Functional Strength Training for Australian Rules Football and Power & Plyometrics for Footy, as well as Agility, Speed & Conditioning for Footy, you are introduced to all the principles that go into a functional strength training and also running program, and the programs included in these books apply all of the principles of functionality for footy, and as a result lead to a great all-round general program in these books.

These eBooks and videos are a great grounding in when it comes to conditioning specifically for footy, particularly in regards to the information and principles covered, and then the programs included are a great practical example of how this information is then applied in practice. As a result, we highly recommend the material to everyone who is also interested in a personalised program, and indeed program purchasers receive their own unique code for a 50% discount on all eBooks.

But now with this great base of knowledge that the eBooks have provided, and also the base of functional training that you have, you would now like to build on that and get more specific.

So when you get a program, what does it include?

And equally as important, how does the process work?

What You Get

- Personalised training program, taking into account age, gender, experience, position, roles, goals, time availability and physical limitations.
- On-going communication when required (The best programs are flexible not set in stone, so on going communication via email when required, is important.)
- Instructions and notes included where needed, rather than just a table with sets and reps.
- Warm up direction and information.
- Sets and reps schemes with each exercise. (Sets, reps, rest times and tempos are often taken for granted – however these make a huge difference, and can make the same exercise completely different when manipulated. Differences in these variables are every bit as important to individual and personalised programming as the specific exercises are.)

So what is the Process?

1. Click the Button on the bottom of the page

You click the button at the bottom of the page, and you will be taken to a page which gives a little more detail about what is included.

2. Fill in your details and checkout

The Payments are all secured with Paypal.

Once you have completed the checkout process, we will be notified of your purchase, and will send you forms to fill out, in order to collect as much important information from you as possible.

3. Fill out the forms and send them back

The forms are in PDF format, and as a result can be edited and typed over by you, then saved in their new filled-in state, then sent back to us in this PDF format via email (handwriting is often far to hard to read, and also requires the use of a scanner to get back to us, so this PDF format is the best, quickest and easiest solution.) If you require further instruction on how to do this, just ask.
                 client form 4 client form1
We will then wait to hear back from you with the filled in forms, and once we have received your forms, we will get down to work.

4. We put together your personalised program and email it through to you

When we see that we have your forms returned, we will send you an email saying we have received them. From there we will get back to you within 7 days. 5-7 days is the general time frame when you should receive your personalised program.

Also a reminder, if you have any questions, there is on-going communication to assist you when needed.

       Get personalised footy-specific strength & conditioning program

Please Note: We are only able to accept a maximum of 10 program requests per month during the off-season/pre-season period, due to time availability.