So you have started to do your extra running training in your own time to get ready for next season?

Great work

But this running consists of 5km and 10km runs?

Not so great

Have you taken into account things like;

- Different running speeds
- Rest times, and work/rest ratios
- Your playing position and its particular running demands
- Acceleration, deceleration and changing direction
- How to tie in your running training with your strength and plyometric training so that they complement each other rather than hinder each other.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you can be doing a hell of a lot more to maximise the benefits you are gaining from your extra running training.

You are making the effort to do extra running in your own time – so make sure that you are gaining the maximal possible benefit from it, by doing the right things. There is nothing worse than doing all this extra training in your own time, and not seeing all that much extra benefit over others who haven’t trained as much as you.

It may be a cliché, however, it’s about training smarter more so than it is about training harder – especially with more and more guys doing the extra work too.

Get ahead of the pack and get your essential copy of Agility Speed & Conditioning for Aussie Rules




"I really liked the depth of the background information (which was also written in easy to understand language) which allows the reader to know the why behind what the program is asking them to do, as well as the simplicity of the programming and the numerous examples of how it can be tailored to suit you."


Berwick Junior Football Club

"I love that everything in the book is backed up by research and science not just from footy, but also from other sports like soccer and rugby. And its good how the book also includes the work of other reliable experts in sports."

Being the latest of our books, it is the most comprehensive - as it ties in the material and programming with the programming and material in other 2 books at different stages, to create a complete picture or road map of your own conditioning work done away from club training.

In short, from December to March, your coaches are largely in control. This book is about what you do in October, November and December prior to pre-season, to have you well ahead of your competition, as well as what you do in your own time on top of club training from December onwards, in order to continue to build.

So what do we cover?

- How speed in footy is actually misunderstood and what is actually more important
- A demands analysis – based purely on running, including GPS Analysis of both elite and sub-elite games, and for each position
- Agility – including specific and adaptable drills and programming
- Simple and effective running based drills to do with a mate or 2 if you have a training partner
- Laid out program for 13 week individual training period for prior to club training commencing
- Extra programming laid out for once club training has re-started as well
- How strength and plyometrics improve running – and how to program them together
- What we can learn from other sports – particularly soccer – when it comes to being match fit, rather than just fit
- Why aerobic fitness is important – but not for the reason you think-and how to go about training this
- Why 200 meters worth of shuttle running is much harder than 200 meters of normal running
- Energy systems development, fast and slow twitch fibers, the anaerobic and aerobic systems, and all in easy to follow, relevant manner
- How important is speed for footy? – and a discussion about its more important cousin.
- Detailed outline of how to tie in your own running training and strength training with your club pre-season commitments
- And all importantly, how the strength and power training that we have covered in the other 2 books, ties in together with the running training, to complement each other – rather than to hinder
- Detailed and thorough warm up, and demonstrations
- Continual explanations throughout on how you can adjust and modify things to suit you – based on the concepts and theory covered. Don’t underestimate this last point – it is the most important component to ANY sports text. We are all different, so we all must adapt training to ourselves.

                           Detailed Match Demand Analysis

Clear & thorough detail of all important relevant theory and concepts

As well as detailed and clear direction with how exactly to use this information

Tying all this information in together with strength & power training

All-important periodised programming, drill outlines, and more........

And in truth, this really only scratches the surface of what we have included.

The most important thing about Agility, Speed and Conditioning for Aussie Rules Footy, is that the 160+ pages are all actually relevant and usable by the readers. Rather than being a textbook-style conditioning book with page after page of detailed information, yet with no real direction or substance for the individual athlete, we have focused on making the book as relevant to each individual reading it as possible. This is done by explaining the science behind the correct training methods in a no-nonsense and simple to understand manner, as well as giving actual direction with specific drills and detailed programming guidelines to follow, as well as an actual program layout to follow.

Most importantly, this programming layout is put together explaining just how exactly this training should tie in with your strength training as well as club training. The majority of sports conditioning texts you will come across map out programs and give guidelines as if the person reading them has 15 hours per week free to train, including multiple sessions per day, and usually make no consideration of existing training commitments with your club. In short – this book is designed for you, and speaks to you – the individual.

Not only will the programming section give you something to follow, but it will also direct you to be able to make changes and plan your own training in the future, as you will have the base foundation of knowledge required to make such decisions and progressions.

All for only $47

Agility_Speed___Conditioning_for_Aussie_Rules_Footy_01Completely Updated & Reconstructed in 2023


Berwick Junior Football Club

"The content in the book is as footy specific as it can get, straight to the point no rubbish. The incredibly useful information in this book is something that even the best gym training can not teach you."



"I ordered this for AFL -specific conditioning advice which is very difficult to find compared to other sports and I feel like this program definitely provided this and I now feel very confident that I wont be wasting my time during my off-season training."