The Platform

Are you interested in writing articles or material to be posted?

We are opening up this special platform for;

- Strength and conditioning practitioners

- Football coaches

- Players

- Parents

- Physios

- PE teachers


Anyone involved within football at whatever level of the game, who has something they would like to discuss or share with an interested audience of like minded people (approximately 1200 site hits per week on average.)


What can you write about/share?

Anything within the realms of relatedness to football and physical preparation. A skim through the article topics that we have covered would give some idea, but here are some other examples;


Football Coaches

-What your most pressing issues are coaching a local division 2 side are

-Where you feel S&C fits in your program

-The areas needed for improvement in grassroots football

-Areas where under 18’s are most lacking when they come up to senior pre-season

-Why is physio seen as essential at local clubs, but strength and conditioning seen as a (largely not needed) luxury? And your thoughts.

-Differences between coaching men and women.

-What would you look for from an S&C coach to bring to your local team? How do you see a place for them?

-What is the facility like at your club? Do they have the facilities to run strength sessions? If so, detail it and how it could/does work.

-What about partnering with a private facility for one training night per week? (Having an expert help run the strength program in a decked out private performance facility is becoming more common.)


S&C Coaches

-What qualifications do you think should be the standard baseline in the industry? University degree and 5 years industry experience of some sort and on going learning, or Certificate IV and 10 years of industry experience and ongoing learning.

-Layout of a week working with a country league team Monday-Sunday

-Biggest issues you encounter with the role in a local team

-How ready (physically) do most under 18 players appear when they come up to senior training

-How you run the strength sessions at your local/amateur league club

-Deficiencies in young female footy players physically, compared to males.

-Physical deficiencies in 17/18 year olds.

-How can the private sector of strength and conditioning build? What is most needed to make it more like that in the united States?

-What would you like to see more of/less of and why?

-Your 5 best exercises for whatever goal or general preparation.

-5-10 best resources for young coaches, players, etc (not just training related, but mental, life, etc.)



-A week in the life of

-Your training routine – how it has evolved from when you were 20, to now (29.) -What you do differently, due to choice or necessity.

-How do you rate PE in school – what would you do to improve it?

-What would be the ideal system, if cost wasn’t an issue?

-How best to deal with ‘we didn’t need that in my day’ dinosaurs on boards and coaching staffs.

-Why you don’t squat, and what you do instead.

-Your training year, from the day after the last game, to the last game the following season.

-The best training plan/program you ever did and why.

-The best coach/team/year involved with and why.



-Your main questions when it comes to physical preparation of your teenage player

-Your primary frustrations with school sport and PE.

-Without proper PE in schools and active play, what would your activity levels have been considered like as a teenager?

-What would the perfect model be for junior development of your son/daughter (if cost was not an issue.)


Physical Education Teachers

-How do we bring the ‘physical’ back into high school physical education? – Simple and actionable things that teachers can do, even within the crap curriculum.

-Is there a way/a place for high school strength and conditioning coaches who work with the schools students? – During their ‘free’ lessons/periods for example (separate to PE.)

-Less 'crebs cycle' and 'anaerobic' explanations and more pull ups.


(Of course these are merely a small sample selection.)


Use as a platform too

You may also give a little info on yourself, just brief blurb – background where you are and what you are doing now (even a photo of you doing it if you like.)


We will also put links to your website, facebook page/instagram (if you have these mediums,) etc.


(Of course these are entirely optional rather than a requirement on your part.)


Your article will get regular social media posts over the next 12 months too. Not just one.


So lets get the discussion happening

There is far more to the sport – and to physical preparation for the sport – than merely what happens at the highest level. Although sometimes this is hard to believe given where all the discussion is, and where all the information is from. Yet of course 99.99% of it exists outside this space.


So lets get the discussions and conversations flowing.

Any questions or anything, just shoot through an email.