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Congratulations on jumping ahead of 99% of your peers and opponents and deciding to strength train to be a footballer.

Just one quick final thing before downloading your program……

Once laying the key foundations down with a periodised functional strength training program, the final end stage goal is the development of functional power expression specific for football:

  • Power to explode into a sprint
  • Power to jump for a ball (of 1 leg or both)
  • Power to lay a bump, or to absorb one
  • Power to change directions explosively
  • Power to push off an opponent in a marking or ground ball contest

The end-goal of any functional strength training program for footy is to improve expressions of footy specific power. Laying down a foundation of functional strength is essential before being able to achieve this, because by definition, it is impossible to improve power without first achieving improvement in strength.

Power is essentially strength expressed as quickly and explosively as possible.

If the extent of power training you are doing is a few Olympic lifts, you are seriously short-changing yourself with your footy training program, because not only are there many more power related exercises that you could be doing, they also have far more carryover to footy specific expressions of power than the Olympic lifts do anyway – and are easier to learn.

Its just a matter of learning these key exercises, and understanding where they fit into the program – and how they should be programmed in terms of sets and reps and rest times.

So supercharge your strength training for footy program with the footy specific power add on, including;

- What exactly power for footy is, and how to get it
- Power trainings role in effectively minimising common injuries
- How power training should fit into an already existing strength training program
- Clear instruction on how much and how often power training should be performed, when a game of footy specifically is the end goal
- An updated periodised yearly layout with the footy specific power exercises included
- The pro’s and con’s of Olympic lifting for footy – and the best possible alternative option
- In depth description (including picture and video demo’s) of the key exercises that should be included in any footy-specific power training program
- Direction with even more advanced power progressions going forward


So become a more powerful footballer with this added bonus to your Functional Strength Training for Australian Rules Football program for only an extra $37. (Purchased on its own $47 for book and videos)

That’s the Advanced Power & Plyometrics for Footy book and video demonstrations too, on to complement and complete your Functional Strength for Footy Program

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