Junior Athletic Development

What if all the extra weights and running training you are doing is actually making you worse? (Slower, injury prone, imbalanced).

What if you had access to the methods to ensure you were training the correct and most efficient way possible?

What if you could achieve more in less time than most others around you?

What if you knew you would eventually be better longer term by approaching training in a different way shorter term?


So you’re a young player wanting to start out in supplementary athletic development work – particularly with weights or strength training?

But you are unsure what to do or where to start.

And you recognise the need for good coaching.


Then our junior athletic development coaching is just what you are looking for.




Young football players normally hit the age of 14 or 15 and start to think about doing extra supplementary training beyond their natural development in football.


This usually involves a combination of weight training and running based work. However for the majority, it is unstructured, and in many cases detrimental.


This is not due to a shortage of expertise available out there, however more due to a lack of access for junior players. This combined with physical education in schools not being as physical as it once was, means that a natural development of physical literacy in young players is not particularly high.


The primary trap young football players fall into (boys particularly) is the mentality of ‘putting on size’ under the assumption that ‘more size will make me stronger in the contest. Often this will result in bodybuilding methods where putting on size becomes an end in itself.


Additionally, the training and exercises will be largely upper-body work, with minimal use of the lower body, and exercises performed will be without instruction or on machines. Then to top it off running based training will be about ‘getting kilometers in the legs.’


Common mistake number 1 – too much emphasis on ‘size.’

Common mistake number 2 – upper body work only.

Common mistake number 3 – more is better.

Common mistake number 4 – unstructured, machine based lifting.

Common mistake number 5 – low quality running work or ‘fitness.’


So what are the details?

An early emphasis on learning various lifting movements, with appropriate mechanics and control, in all 3 planes of motion, and then building outward gradually. Just as one example, if you can't perform strict push-ups with appropriate scapular-humeral rhythm, pelvic and trunk control, and at varying speeds, there is no way you are getting under a bench press bar.

Gym sessions twice per week with a structured progression following all the key principles of foundational long-term athletic development and high quality specific training for football, that we have discussed at length on this site.

Run at set times with a small group of participants - capped at a maximum of 6 players only.

Programs will vary between participants (where required, and based on goals, needs and level of advancement) - even within that same time slot.

Far from just being '2 sessions per week', the service also includes individualised tracking and programming of the work done on site, as well as programming and tracking of any other work you would like to do externally - such as an extra lifting session in your own time or running based programming in your own time.

As we expand these outward a little, there will also be the (optional) inclusion of outdoor sessions in which we consistently target multi-directional speed (acceleration, deceleration and direction changes).


Current session times run from 4.15pm on several weekdays each week.


$45/week, or $25/week if you only intend doing 1 session per week.



Croydon Park

Are there times for female sessions?

There is no gender segregation. All session times are mixed-gender and open to everyone - as once again, participants will all have their own programs.


What if I want 1-on-1 coaching sessions?

Great, get in contact. The reason for the small-group semi-private format - is that the programming and coaching is open to a larger number of players and at a lower price point.


Get in contact, and get on board

As mentioned there are only 6 spots currently available per session, to maximise the coaching per player.

Head to the contact page, and indicate your interest.

You will be sent forms similar to the online programming, collecting details on background, experience etc.

Then from there, if required, a 1-on-1 short screening session, prior to the first full session.